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Use any of your preferred communication channels and collaboration tools - it's all up to you!


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Filter buddies & sessions by choosing your preferred technology stack, language (natural or programming:-)) or available time.

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Not so much into COBOL? No hablo español?
No problem - these will be filtered out for you!

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See within seconds what's going on in the community.


Gain real experience and increase your reputation points

The more sessions you host or participate in the better developer you become. This deserves to be reflected by your site reputation points!

We StackExchange and GitHub

Link your accounts from other sites to further improve your credibility and build up your developer recognition.

Networking is everything

Expand your network of buddies and create amazing future work perspectives.

Pair programming

Why it's so good for you


Learn and teach at the same time. We all have different experience, let's leverage it!

Boost open projects

Create a community around your open source projects to increase their growth.

Instant feedback

When you code with other people, you get instant feedback on your ideas. It's priceless!

No boundaries

Find your programming buddies anywhere around the globe.

Improved efficiency

You know how two heads are better than one? You'll post fewer questions on StackOverflow if you work with a buddy.

Soft skills

Increase your presentation and negotiation skills by cooperating with a buddy. Break the stereotype of a basement nerd:)

Learning new things

Join a mob session where somebody is using a technology you don't know. See it applied in real life examples.

Improved code quality

Ever looked at your code and thought 'What was I thinking?'... Pair programming buddies are known to prevent this moral hangover.


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